Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rapidshare Premium Accounts

Please find rapidshare premium accounts...

Please do not change password.

10554090 : Sy9sA7mJ

9674955 : mt4764475

10108153 : C2m4YzAA

9731119 : Lk7gcqVz

Please notify me if password changed.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Search Rapidshare for Valid Files in Real time - CrawlRapidshare

I have told you in the past about many rapidshare file searchers.What these search engines do is to actually search through Google database for the files and show them to the users.This searches from rapidshare can bring you a ton of results but many these files will be deleted due to lack of not downloading for many days.

Today I found out a new rapidshare search engine which actually searches only for valid files from rapidshare database.This Rapidshare crawler uses scripts to check whether a file is valid or not.

“CrawlRapidShare is the first Rapidshare real time crawler , we don't use any obsolete databases like other search engines , we crawl the web in realtime per search query with our particular technology so we always give you fresh results , also we have the ability to check the validity of links in real time or by Rapidshare tools.” says the new rapidshare crawler

Rapidshare crawler engine also have provided an option to check links validity,but this can consume a bit more time.I recommend you to search first and then check the files by clicking the “check validity of all the links in this page by rapidshare.com tools” as shown below.

Use this latest rapidshare search engine and post your results in the comments on how effectively it can get your files.

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High speed downloads from Rapidshare

There are many users of rapidshare having the problem while downloading or uploading files from rapidshare or megaupload.

The main problem is "The Connection Was Reset" error which occurs due insufficient connection speed or due to explorer timeout.This problem could be solved by using firefox.Type about:config at the address bar of firefox.

Adjust timeout value "network.http.keep-alive.timeout" to a higher value and also the other similar values.By this higher range of download speeds could be obtained from any site without the connection reset.

Another method is by pinging the Dns servers.Find your Dns server by typing "ipconfig/all" in the command prompt window.

Make a new .txt file and type exactly as given below with your "Dns server address"

@ping -t xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


Here "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" denotes your ip address similar to "" or something.Save it as "rapidsharehack.bat" which is a batch file and not a text file.

While downloading from rapidshare double click on rapidsharehack.bat which you just created.And enjoy high speed downloads

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Bypass download limit Rapidshare,Megaupload,YouSendit using MAC

Avoid the Time Day of 60+ Seconds...

Install MAC cloaning app (Just Google it, There are countless). SMAC, it is pretty simple. You can use the one you like but just configure it carefully.

1. Download file from RapidShare.

2. Change MAC address (Make sure you have completed the download of first file)

3. Restart Modem, ISP will issue a new IP for new MAC address. Takes less then 15 seconds.

4. Download another file from RapidShare

Have Fun

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

UploadCell - Download Hack

Upload Cell is another site to host and share your files. It has the same functionality like other hosting site.Recently, I was downloading a file from upload cell and got some bugs.
I use No Script to avoid the pop-ups and other ads.This is one of the best and my favorite JavaScript blocker addons for Firefox. You can download NoScript form Mozilla.

The Upload Cell uses the captcha verification and 45 seconds of waiting time. But if you use any JavaScript blocker addons or software than you can bypass both restriction of the upload cell. No limit for downloading so now on wards, just use any JS blocker and download files without waiting.

Have Fun
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Request New IP Address To Avoid 15 Min of Download Delay For Next File - RapidHack

After Downloading file from Rapidshare, You have to wait 15 min to download another file. Thats really very boring to wait.

Hack Proof solution for this by Blogger24x7,

Here’s how to do it in windows:
1. Click Start
2. Click run
3. In the run box type cmd.exe and click OK
4. When the command prompt opens type the following. ENTER after each new line.
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew


Just reconnect the internet. You will get new ip only if your server do not provide static ip.

File downloading are traced from ip address, so you can also use some softwares to change ip without reconnecting the internet.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Avoid RapidShare Time Delay - RapidHack

RapidShare is basically a German One-click hosting site that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the subscriptions of paying users. It operates as a pay service, allowing any member to upload files of up to 100MB. The user is then supplied with a unique download URL, which locates the file and enables anyone with whom the uploader shares it to download the file.

Basically when you want to download any file from Rapidshare than You have to wait for 55 Seconds.

So let me give you a simple hack to avoid it. When it start Downloading than just copy & paste the below JavaScript in to ur Browser



javascript:var c=0;


It will give the file to Download with out any further time delay.

Have FUN....
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